Advance Preview of Darrell Smith's THE AXEMAN COMETH

Earlier this month, Blind Eye Comics honored me with the opportunity to read and review their upcoming independent release of Darrell Smith's, The Axeman Cometh.

The story is set around Robert Flint, a pre-depression era private detective.  He begins to investigate a case of a series of murders at the bequest of wealthy debutante. As you would guess with a title like The Axeman Cometh, things don't go so well during the investigation.

The art and coloring is very unique for today's mainstream comic books.  It is a throwback to the comics you can now find in public domain catalogs.  They did a great job the Sin City-esque juxtaposition of highlighting the blood stains, lip stick and and red against a black and white frame.  It makes the bloody scenes a bit more terrifying rather than blended in with a normal colored frame or page.

If you're interested in a copy of the book, contact Big D at @blindeyepod. For more information.

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