Brands and PR Firms

During my time blogging, I've had the privilege to work with a number of well-recognized brands on projects both big and small ranging from short-term campaigns to ambassadorships. They have been rewarding opportunities with reciprocal value for all involved.

When working with MCB, you can be assured of a professional relationship with an experienced customer service in the corporate world. This has given me the experience of working with customers, clients and providers on many levels.  I am able to build and sustain relationships on all levels.

If you are a brand or PR firm interesting in working with us, we are always glad to hear from you; however, please keep in mind a couple things:

This blog is a personal blog, written and edited by the owner and its contributors.

  • I do not guarantee that the service(s) we provide will guarantee the success of a campaign or product.
  •  I do not offer refunds once services have been provided and payment has made for said services.
  •  There will be no posting of offensive material/ads regarding race, gender, religion, politics, etc.
  •  This blog is primarily “PG13” and avoids nudity, strong language and off-color humor.
  •  The views expressed on this blog are mine and do not necessarily reflect the ideas of those I may represent.
  •  This blog may contain content that could present a conflict of interest, and might not be identified.
  •  I comply with all applicable regulations set forth by the Federal Trade Commission on the disclosure of compensation, products, etc. in exchange for services rendered.
  •  All material represented here is the original work of the owner unless otherwise stated and is protected under a Creative Commons license.

Please review our MEDIA KIT for more information.

Thank you,

Eric and the MCB Team