MCB Tech Review - Mini Wireless Speakers

  • YOUR FAVOURITE SONGS, EVERYWHERE! – You can now listen to your favourite songs anywhere you are with the INEAR BM3D wireless Bluetooth speakers! Designed with maximum portability and convenience in mind, our stunning travel speakers are the perfect way to fill any part of your day with amazing music!
  • INNOVATIVE TRUE WIRELESS STEREO TECHNOLOGY FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE! – Indulge yourself in the movie theatre-like superior-quality sound produced by our lightweight and compact BM3D speakers thanks to the cutting-edge TWS technology! They can be easily paired together via Bluetooth and offer you a crystal clear, stereo audio experience no matter where you are!
  • SLEEK, GEM-LIKE ALUMINUM BODY WILL IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS! – Designed to resemble a unique gemstone, the INEAR BM3D smart Bluetooth speaker is not only sophisticated and stylish, but also extremely durable. You can rest assured that the ultra-loud 3W speaker is protected by the heavy-duty aluminum body!
  • SUPERIOR, CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND THAT FITS IN YOUR POCKET! – Our ergonomic and compact Bluetooth wireless universal speaker is the ideal gift for your friends or family! They’ll be able to enjoy their favourite music at the office, in the park, on the beach or on camping trips since the BM3D speaker requires no wires and can be paired with both Android and iOS devices easily!
  • LIVE THE TRUE WIRELESS EXPERIENCE! – Say goodbye to struggling with wires, cords and constant plugging and unplugging once and for all! The INEAR exclusive portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is the epitome of innovative design and maximum convenience. And the best part? It comes with our hassle-free, full refund guarantee! Why wait any longer?
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