Window of Opportunity

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The three of them gathered under the cover of darkness late one Saturday night. The Leader was the oldest. She had the most experience in matters at hand. She has worked with the male of the group the longest. He has had her back on numerous occasions. Even ones more dangerous than this one. He's the closest thing she has to a best friend.

The third was the newest recruit. She had been with them a little over a year, with most of the time committed to training rather than out in the field. She was the daydreamer of the group. Often she would stop in the middle of an exercise and start dancing for no particular reason. As if there were a party music frequency wavelength pumped directly into her head.

Time for action was quickly creeping closer. If all goes to plan, the three of them will have the objects of their desire in as little as ten minutes.

Their inside man had made arrangements for security to be as light as possible. The window of opportunity was going to be very small. If they didn't accomplish their mission tonight, who knows what hands the prize might fall into.

They waited quietly for the signal. The Leader heard the catcall signal from their inside man.

It was go time.

The door was unlocked just like they planned. They spread out and moved along the ground like a small militia of silkworms to avoid detection. They hugged shadows to avoid casting any themselves.

There were four other known people in the building. Inside man and three others. They knew were the inside man was and how he would avoid the area, but the unscheduled actions of the other three were the only flaws to what could be the perfect heist.

This was part of the plan where The Leader could feel things going wrong in her stomach. Anxiety, a phobia if you will of failure. Worse yet. Being caught. She noticed a light coming from one of the rooms. She lifted her right hand into a closed fist. It was the signal to stop. The Rookie was late to stop and her foot clipped a stand that held a cheap iron-ore sculpture.

It started to wobble back and forth. All the planning was going to be for nothing all because she wasn't paying full attention but signing "Boom Boom Pow" in her head.

The sculpture stopped.

The Leader looked back at The Rookie and gave her a stern "you got lucky" glare.

Five feet of open space separated them from their prize. The Male was the best at vertical scaling. He moved into the point position and started climbing. The two females were smiling with anticipation. The spoils of this score could last them a good month or two if they rationed it responsibly.

He had it. This was easier than he thought. He put the prize in his backpack for the climb back down. They just had to make it out of there before...

The door opened and the room filled with light from the other room. The silhouette of the owner filled the doorway. He hadn't seen them yet. His attention was still directed to the others inside.

"....get some water and some painkillers for this back pain. You need anything from the kitchen?"

"Maybe some chocolate." Came a female voice.

He flicked the light on and the three kids were dead to rights where they sat.

"What the?!?"

Loreli and Araceli sat on the floor while Seth was standing on a chair with the candy from their cousin's piƱata in his backpack.

Mission, failed.