Three Backstage Employees Gone From Impact

Shane Helms, Al Snow and Pat Keeney (formally Simon Diamond in ECW) are reportedly done with Impact Wrestling as soon as their current deals expire at the end of June.  The three of them have been working as producers behind the scenes in the recent months with the company. 

Sources have indicated the decisions to let the three men go were due to having seven different producers employed at the same time. Impact stars Abyss and Sonjay Dutt also serve as producers but carry different responsibilities within the company.  The company opted not to renew the deals of Helms, Snow and Keeney since they were only working as producers.

April was the last time they have been used on television.

Keeny had been working with the company since 2003.  Simon was originally a wrestler before moving into a top producer/agent position.  Al Snow arrived in the Impact Zone in 2008.  Shane Helms showed up the most recent of the three a couple years ago in 2015.

  As with most major announcements - Twitter became a place to voice their opinions on the matter:

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