Keep Kids Busy This Summer With A Code-A-Thon From Tinker

Free Coding Program to Keep Your Child’s Mind Sharp This Summer!

Summer is a tough time for my wife and I when it comes to keeping the kids entertained during the day.  I'm working a full time job in the daylight hours and she makes the money working at night.  Unfortunately, we've let electronics be a daily activity to keep them busy during the day.

Seth, our nine-year old loves to code though.  We signed him up with Tynker a few months ago to give him the chance to code for the games he loves to play (Minecrat and Roblox).  It was through this we found out about Tynker's Summer Code-A-Thon, a 10-week summer program open to any kids with a free Tynker account. The Summer Code-A-Thon keeps kids engaged and motivated with weekly challenges, competitions, and prizes. As they learn to code, kids will express their creativity, practice reading and math skills, and develop computational thinking!

Program Details

  • Fun coding projects every week – Each week a new coding project will be introduced. Kids’ minds will be challenged as they create projects based on weekly themes such as building a summer arcade game, creating a project about how they would change the world, and showcasing their coding skills and creativity.
  • Publish and share projects with the Tynker community – Kids complete any available mission, publish the finished project, then see what other kids in Tynker’s community have created for inspiration.
  • Awesome certificates – Kids receive Certificates of Participation or Certificates of Completion if they do all the challenges.
  • Prizes every week – The top 20 projects per week will win a special award certificate and a limited edition Tynker T-Shirt.
  • Open to all! – The Code-A-Thon is open to any child with a free Tynker account, but requires a connected parent account in order for a child to be eligible to receive additional participation certificates and prizes. No purchase necessary.

How to Participate in the Code-A-Thon

Starting on June 12, 2017, anyone can participate in the Code-A-Thon. Here’s how to get started:
  1. Create a free student account for your child and verify the account with your parent email address.
  2. Log in to the student account.
  3. Start coding!
On Tynker App: Click on the lightning bolt icon at the top right of the home screen to view notifications. Click on the “Start” button on the notification to start the challenge.
On Computer: Go to the Launchpad and click on the Summer Coding Challenge.
Supported Devices: Kids can participate from home with a laptop, desktop, or Chromebook computer or with the Tynker app on an iPad or Android tablet.

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