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Omnidirectional Snapping Building Block System Launches on Kickstarter

Kible Is Bringing its Mobile Design App and Building Block Purchasing Platform to Consumers

Seattle, WA - June 14, 2017 | Kible announced today the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Born from the desire to empower users with the ability to design, purchase, and build custom snapping block models, Kible combines an intuitive mobile app that allows users to design and model 3D block creations from their iOS and Android devices with the ability to purchase the physical snapping blocks and build their creations in real life. Backer rewards range from early access to the app, a 25-piece set for $10 to a 1,250 piece set for $200.

“As a lifelong snapping block and model building enthusiast, I designed Kible to be a combination of everything I enjoy most about building blocks and everything I love about the creative processes and flexibility of digital design,” said Jason Brain, creator of Kible. “Technologically and culturally, we live in a very different world than the mid-20th century in which Lego was conceived. Kible is a snapping block toy for the 21st century, natively combining the digital with the physical.”

Built by master builders for anyone with an idea to build, Kible boasts the following features:

  • Fully 3D Building System - Kible is a patent pending, universal snapping block system in which pieces can be built out in all six cubic face directions (up, down, left, right, front, and back) without creating any dead-ends or impasses to the builder. No magnets or additional components are required. Kible pieces are based on an 8 mm cubic grid.
  • Mobile Modeling App - Developed for iOS and Android devices, adults and children alike can use the Kible app to design their own original snapping block models. Even on smaller devices, the Kible app is simple to use with a few familiar gestures.
  • Social & Collaborative Experience - Using the app, builders can work on projects individually, together as a group, and share designs with the official Kible community. The app also includes augmented reality tools to share fun photos and videos of one’s models via any social media channel.
  • On Demand Purchasing - No matter how simple or intricate, users can purchase all the pieces that were used to create their model in the app. The pieces are then shipped to the user, and the mobile app registers those pieces in their personal “Kiblemporium” inventory.
  • Interactive Instructions - Every Kible model design remembers its digital modeling history, which then serves as step-by-step interactive instructions when physically constructing the model with Kible pieces.
  • Gender Neutral - Kible has been designed to be an equally enjoyable experience for girls and boys. Both the product and marketing will avoid gender segregated combative and homemaking narratives often found in toys today.

“We’ve created Kible to be enjoyed as a standalone mobile creative modeling tool, or a standalone physical snapping block system, but ultimately they are two modes of the same handheld experience” said Jason. “We have completely redesigned the snapping block to allow builders to explore uninhibited creative ideas, and physically build their designs with a novel omnidirectional snapping system just as they experience within the app.”

For more information visit Kible’s Kickstarter Campaign.

About Kible:

Kible is comprised of the physical omnidirectional snapping blocks and a mobile design app that allows users to design, share, inventory, and purchase the pieces for entire model sets created by themselves or by other users. The Kible blocks come in various shapes and colors and are made of a slightly flexible elastomer which allows the pieces to snap together without magnets or any other components. For more information visit

About Jason Brain, founder of Kible and Harvard design student.

As a certified Lego Master Builder and snapping block building enthusiast, Jason has re-imagined a new snapping block system from the ground up for the 21st Century. The Kible platform combines a mobile modeling app with omnidirectional snapping pieces. The app allows builders to order the pieces they need to complete their digital design in real life – giving the user complete control over the entire creative process.

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