Get In My Belly: The $890.00 McDonald's Burger

YouTuber Moshe Tamssot [ Twitter ] went into a McDonald's to use one of it's 'Create Your Taste' digital kiosks.  I haven't seen any where I'm living, so I'm assuming it's in the testing stages.  Well, Moshe tested it to see if he could build the biggest McDonald's burger, EVER!!!

The system is pretty sweet, it lets you pick massive amounts of extras (grilled onions, different cheeses, tomatoes, sauces, etc.).  While you can only get two quarter-pound patties, you can add up to ten of each item.

It first rung up at over $890.00, but he had a Groupon or something and the actual retail price was just below $25.00.

Check out the video for the creation.

No one has heard from Moshe Tamssot since.  Because he may have given his life to create something so awesome and amazing, that is what makes Moshe and this burger...