Deserving of their Love [Don't Skip Over Because of this Title]

You know - I had trouble thinking of a title for this piece.  I thought about that stinkin' title all day!  I knew the picture I wanted to use above is the one you currently see, but that title...

"Deserving of their Love"

How lame does that sound?  I can just imagine the amount of people who are just scrolling past this post because of that lame, discount store, sales bin, cheesy novel title.

Yet it is not the title itself that makes me cringe - it's the word "deserving".

You see, I don't feel deserving at all.  It has been something I have struggled with since I was a teenager and through my adult life.  I have always felt I am not good enough - whether it be for something; for someone; or for anything for that matter.  It would stem from some rejection or hurt I would obtain and I would focus on that and not what I contributed up to that point.

Make sense?

Because I still struggle with it constantly.  I have been married for twelve years and I have six children, its hard during the rough times.

But these kids do make it easier.

These kids run to me when I walk in the door.  They race each other to get first "dibs".  Dibs isn't anything special - its nothing tangible, it is just a chance to hug me first.  I didn't walk in the door holding a bag of fries or milkshakes for everyone.  I didn't tell them I found the fidget spinners with the Batman logo on them - they just want to hug me.

And having all these kids, it is impossible to make quick runs to the store with the lot of them in tow.

Forget about it!

So what I try to do is sneak out the door and get back before anyone notices.

It rarely happens because these kids who never notice they left their toys strewn about the place, they can tell when I'm wearing shoes and making my exit.

"Daddy, you look taller! Where are you going?"

"How the heck can you tell?  I'm running to the store real quick to get some whatevers..."

"Can I go?"

"No.. I'm just going to be real quick."

This is when the pouting begins.  It's not like I don't want them to go.  Well - I don't because I want to be quick and not have to worry about telling them no they can't have candy; no they can't have chips; no they can't have a Batman fidget spinner.

"But I just want to spend time with you!"


It's right here where I tell you I'm not deserving.  Here I am trying to deceive this child because I want to make it easier for myself and she just wants to spend time with me.

I can get loud.  I can yell.  I can get mean.  I can sometimes be unfair.  Yet when I'm feeling like a piece of crap, they still want me to pray with them at night and ride to the store with me.

I may not be a perfect, but as their dad - but I'm thankful for being deserving of their unconditional love.  I know I'm going to screw up from time to time.  Eventually they may even get tired of it. Yet because of them, because of their actions and WANTING to be with me, I know I did something to deserve them.  I did something right at some point in my past to where God would give me six kids to take care of and try to keep them on the right path.

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Thank you very much for reading this even with the stupid title.  I hope each and everyone of you who are fathers are able to reflect on why you're deserving to being the dad to your kid or kids. 

Happy Father's Day Everyone.

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