BLUE ORANGE GAMES Rally Roll Push Your Luck Dice Game for Families

We were gifted the game, Rally Roll to review.  It's a fun family dice game you can play quickly or longer when you want.  It's a great game to play on Family Game Night.

You add up the points from the numbers on the dice matching the color of the large die.  In the case above - you'd get six points.  You can either bank the points and pass your turn or keep rolling.  If you happen to get a combination where your color doesn't match your numbers - you go to zero and pass it on to the next player. The first player to fifty wins.

We tried it out and put it on the internet forever in the video below.

As you can tell from the video.. It's a blast!!! [sarcastic emoji]

It is a fun game, tho.

It's for sale on Amazon on the link below the picture.

Link to Amazon -

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