Happy Birthday Sock Cop [VIDEO]

Sock Cop, creator of the Periscope [citation needed], had a birthday this past week.  Sock Cop and his Idiot Assistant, Jason, are adored by millions of people across the universe. Those millions of people are called, The Sock Flock.

Anyways, they all got together to tell Sock Cop happy birthday.  The video is below if you want to watch it (if you don't you're a very bad person).  Mark a.k.a. OMFGZORZ did an amazing job on putting it all together.  Check it out below and be sure to subscribe to OMFGZORZ.  As well as Sock Cop if you want to.  OMFGZORZ made the video, not Sock Cop. So you really don't owe Sock Copy anything anymore. 

Fair warning, there is some adult words in here, so be careful if kids or easily offended nuns are around.