In the past few days, the term "Dad bod" has reached epic proportions throughout the world wide webs universe.  The image of a man with nothing close to a six pack and a little jiggle to their bounce were being praised and appreciated for more than the physical aspects of their body.  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Zac Efron and Tim McGraw lost millions of Instagram followers overnight.

What exactly is a "Dad bod"?  According to The Odyssey -

To put it simply, the dad bod is just a well-crafted beer gut that can be gained with years of poor drinking and eating choices, coupled with a lack of exercise. The dad bod is extremely relevant to our generation because with the high level of alcohol abuse rampant on college campuses, coupled with limitless dining options and little time to exercise due to school work and partying, many college men are now rocking this newly praised physique.

New shirtless men started getting more and more Twitter followers wanting more of that rockin' dad bod.

Debate the double standard all you want, the dad bod is here for now while we still try to make Kelly Clarkson feel bad after having her baby.

Once this trend starting gaining momentum last week, The Hashtag Bolton News Crew went to the streets and asked ONE-HUNDRED PEOPLE who had the most rockin' dad bod.

Adam Sandler - 6%

Chris Pratt (Pre-Guardian's of the Galaxy) - 14%

Jon Hamm - 16%

Leonardo DiCaprio - 18%

Jason Segal - 20%

Seth Rogan - 26%

Well there you have it.  The country's most popular celebrity dad bods as deemed by Google Images the people.  Do you agree with America?  Who would you add to this list?  Who would you remove?

If you're curious on how to get a Dad Bod, check out 8-Bit Dad's Thirty Day Program.

Just a side note, if you Google Image Celebrity DadBods, Google will think you mean celebrity dead bodies. 

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