#MonsterEnergy [ Random Review & #Giveaway ]

The Official Energy Drink of Hashtag Bolton

Being a Dad (or parent for that matter) is tiresome.

By the end of the day you're spent.  You have nothing left after dealing with breakfast, poop, pee, lunch, homework, practices, probably more poop, work, dinner and maybe some cereal and a banana  thrown on the highchair because you forgot about lunch.

What does Eric, Lord of Boltonshire, Hashtagger of Hashtag Bolton do to get his energy?

He drinks Monster Energy Drinks.

Yes Monster Energy Drinks.

The Official Energy Drink of Hashtag Bolton.

How can you make something the official whatever of your blog?

I dunno, I just did.  Monster Energy Drinks didn't approach me and go, "Hey Hashtag Bolton, can we sponsor your blog?"  I figure I drink them enough, they deserve the recognition.

Because they're so awesome.  I've provided a review of their drink.

First, how easy they are to open.

See, I opened it up with ONLY ONE HAND!!!

Can't you do that with Red Bull?

I dunno, I never tried.

But, this is what I have to say about Red Bull...

Red Bull is Flanders in this Vine, FYI.

And finally, the taste test.

You can see the half second before the video cuts out the enjoyment on my face.  It's Vine's stupid two-and-a-half second rule that prevented me from getting the full effect.

While, I enjoy drinking Monster Energy Drink, this awesomness may not be for everyone.  The can's do have a disclaimer.


I'm assuming that last part is for breastfeeding, not women who are nurses.  But I could be wrong.  I didn't want to Google it, so if you're a nurse or breastfeeding, or even a breastfeeding nurse. STAY AWAY!!!


I wanted to send a can of Monster Energy to a lucky Hashtag Bolton reader, but my marketing department told me it would cost about fourteen dollars or something to send one can.  But I still wanted to reward you guys for visiting my page.  SO!!!! I'm just going to send you cash money to buy your own Monster Energy Drink.  I usually buy mine at a Valero Corner Store here in San Antonio and they've been $1.79 for over a year.  Other places like CVS, Walgreens, and other convenient stores have them for about a buck more.  I'm just going to give you the benefit of the doubt and send you three bucks.

Yes. I'm giving away THREE DOLLARS for you to either buy your first Monster Energy Drink or to buy another.

Or even just buy whatevs.

Deets below.

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Thanks for reading.  Have an awesome day mi amigos.


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