#KidsPickTheWinner [ NBA Finals Conference Finals ]

We're through the first two rounds of the NBA Playoffs.    After the San Antonio Spurs got ousted by the Clippers in Round One, the members of Boltonshire lost all interest.   Hey, it is what it is.  But we strive on to finish this bit, especially since there's TEN DOLLARS on the line.

We play this round by round, with each correct pick getting one point. The points carry over to the next round and after the finals the kid with the most points gets the belt and the cash. In the case of a tie, the prize is split.

With logistics out of the way, here are your kids..

Actually, I'm pulling Loreli out of this one.  She had ONE POINT coming out of round one and then did not get one right from round two.

She gained the #KidsPickTheWinner Championship with the WWE Payback PPV Predictions, but more than likely she'll be losing it by the end of this contest.

Emma (Current Total - 7 Points)

Araceli (Current Total - 8 Points)

Seth (Current Total - 9 Points)

The way things are looking, Emma will be out of this one as long as she keeps picking the same as Seth.  Celi is keeping it close going the opposite of Seth.

How did your team do?

Go Spurs Go!