#HashtagGamesTop10 [ AvengerAMovie ]

Hashtag Games are great addictive time wasters.  It makes Twitter mean something every once in a while.  Otherwise, Twitter is just a place to share content no one will read or talk about how fat a celebrity is getting.

Another Hashtag Game was played today.  Keeping with the Avengers theme due to Avengers: Age of Ultron opening up today in the United States, today's Hashtag Game was #AvengerAMovie.

If you're not hip to the hashtags, the tweeters will post a title of a movie and replace it with an Avenger or something to do with Avengers.

I honestly couldn't keep it to TEN and had to take whatever I could find that were filled will awesomeness.

Here are the Top Ten (or maybe more) -

The last one's are mine...

This next one, was my first one.  It was the most popular of mine.

It was fun.  Does it solve anything?  No.  But it's awesome and I like doing it.

Give it a try. Look for @TheHashtagGame on Twitter.

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