In case you didn't know, I'm a comic book nerd. I don't want want to label my children as comic book nerds just yet, but they might just get there.  One of their favorite shows is Teen Titans, Go!  It's fantastic.  They don't spend all episode fighting the bad guys, they could spend an entire episode getting ready for a Thanksgiving dinner and Robin is freaking out because Batman is coming over and he wants to make a good impression.
So yeah, it's brilliant!

The current episode for some reason or another, Robin wanted to get a yearbook printed for the team and include all the cool things he's done in it.  Well it doesn't exactly go according to plan. Towards the end he's on a mission to get the most signatures, but upon returning to the Tower he finds his teammates have more signature than he does.  

Check out the video - 

And the signatures are fantastic.  I had to get the screen shots  just to get them all in.

1. Alfred (Batman's Butler)
2. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)
3. Hal Jordon (Green Lantern)
4. Mr. Freeze
5. The Flash
6. Jon Stewart (Another Green Lantern)
7. Kyle Rayner (Yet Another Green Lantern)

    8. Aqua Man
    9. Harley Quinn
    10. The Joker
    11. Dr. Manhatten (The Watchmen)
    12. Black Canary
    13. Captain Cold

    14. Batgirl
    15. Blue Beetle
    16. Bane
    17. Damian Wayne (Batman's Son, A Robin)
    18. Haunted Tank
    19. Wonder Woman
    20. Krypto the Super Dog
    21. The Red Hood (Presumably Jason Todd. A Former Robin)

    22. Aqualad 
    23. Rorschach (The Watchmen) 

    24. The Riddler
    25. Lady Legasus (Alias of Raven)
    26. Batman
    27. Bruce Wayne
    28. Darkseid
    29. Clark Kent
    29. Ras-al Ghul*
    30. Superboy
    33. Presumably the Comedian (From The Watchmen)

    Lack of editing made me overlook the inclusion of TWO #29's.

    Did you see any others?

    This just proves that Teen Titans Go! is the best cartoon of all time!