#KidsPickTheWinner [NBA Finals Rd1]

The NBA regular season is over. Now is the time to follow the games.  With six kids, I can't invest much time to watch a three hour game a few times a week.  It's just too much.  But the playoffs are different.  While we're probably not going to watch all the games, the kids and I have our opinions on who is going to win.

The San Antonio Spurs, Yo!!

But to get there, we have to weed out fifteen losers.

I've had the kids pick the winners during the NFL playoffs, the Oscars, March Madness and just recently, WrestleMania where Celi because the first ever #KidsPickTheWinner Champion

The #KidsPickTheWinner Championship is up for grabs at the end of the Playoffs as well as a cash prize of FIVE DOLLARS!!!

We'll play this round by round, with each correct pick getting one point. The points carry over to the next round and after the finals when the San Antonio Spurs win again, the kid with the most points gets the belt and the cash. In the case of a tie, the prize is split.

With logistics out of the way, here are your kids...

Emma (5) is sitting out on this one.  When I asked her to pick, she told me to give her whoever Seth picks.  While a smart move since he did win the March Madness contest, I decided to remove her from the competition.

Oldest First - Loreli's Picks.

Loreli always seems to have the worst luck when it comes to these contests, she's usually the one with the most wrong. I honestly see that streak continuing  with picking the Pelicans and Brooklyn to win.  But underdogs upset the number one seed all the time.

Seth's Picks.

Seth's looks good from the start.  While I'm upset he picked Cleveland, I must commend him on his choices.

And Finally - Araceli's Picks.

Other than picking the Raptors, Celi picked the same as her brother.

There you go.  Games start tomorrow and go through.... Whenever??

See you next time, and Go Spurs Go!!


Emma finally decided to join in the fun.

The kids' Nana also decided to sweeten the pot by DOUBLING THE PRIZE MONEY!!!

Thanks Nana!!


  1. Well would you mind if I added a couple $$ to the pot to make it better and you can ask Emma again if she would like to join in. She has to pick her own, can't just say just like her brother, even tho he does have good picks. I can contribute five.

  2. Will add it in even tho Emma does not join


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