#HashtagGamesTop10 [UnlikelyLinesFromAnAvengersMovie]

Twitter isn't always about people telling you how other people they don't like are racist or how companies are anti-women.  It's even not all about how someone tweeted something stupid and it went viral and they were fired.  Twitter is sometimes good.

Sometimes they have games.

What you say? How can you play a game in 140 characters?

That's when you have to be creative.  Someone posts a hashtag topic and errbody needs to tweet about the topic and include the hashtag.

There really isn't a winner, per se.

Well I don't know.  There could be.  It may be I just never won.

Because The Avengers: Age of Ultron opens this weekend.  The hashtag was #UnlikelyLinesFromAnAvengersMovie.

There were quite a few.  Some were good.  Other's bad.  Some R rated.  Some just sad.  So I collected the top ten (IMO) from the Hashtag Game.

Mine of course had to be on there.


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