#The Most Brilliant Show Ever Invented

Pop Quiz Hotshot!!!

What is the best television show ever?


How I Met Your Mother?

Breaking Bad?

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?

Well unless you answered "TEEN TITANS, GO!" You're absolutely wrongzo!!!

 Here's a back story..

First there was Teen Titans (2003)...

Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire.  They fought bad guys and were serious.  There was drama and little to no comedy.  8 to 15 year old nerds LOVED the show. It was the best show ever for them.

It was cancelled in 2006.  Those 8 to 15 year old nerds were upset, but they bought it on DVD and kept their little nerd dreams alive.

Then there was Young Justice (2010)...

Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Kid Flash and Artemis join forces and fight bad guys,  They were sidekicks who had something to prove to the main roster of super heroes.  Batman, Superman, Aquaman, etc.  They were serious about making them understand they weren't just sidekicks  and could be real heroes.

The nerds were now 12 to 20 years old and totally accepted it.  They wanted to be taken seriously.  They wanted to stick it to their parents and show them THEY could be responsible nerds.

It was cancelled in 2012.

The nerds were sad. More nerd dreams dying.  They had to settle for it eventually coming on Netflix.

But there was hope.  They heard that Teen  Titans was being rebooted in 2013.

The nerds now  15-23 years old we're so happy they couldn't wait for the return of the seriousness and original angst of being a teenager to come back to Cartoon Network.

Then this commercial came out...

The nerds were all...

Where was the angst?? Where was the drama?? Where was the seriousness?!?!?

9/10ths of the internet nerds died instantly.  But death couldn't stop them.    They found a way to come back to life and started letting the universe know how utterly crappy this new show was.  

When it came out, the majority of the posts were like this...


Then you have stuff like this guy... I highlighted what was needed...

Dr Nerdy, indeed.

What these and all the other 15 - 23 year old nerds didn't realize was, this new show, Teen Titans GO!....


It was made for these nerds in training!!!

Yes. These are my kids.

Teen Titans, GO! fits the current cartoon block on Cartoon Network.  The original and Young Justice just don't anymore.  But the ONs (original nerds) just can't get over it.  

So, why is this the best show ever invented in the history of the universe??  Well, I'm going to post a new Teen Titans, GO! video every week.  To show everyone who doesn't have little nerds in training, what it's all about.

Here's your first video.  Next week they'll be another.