#RKOOuttaNoWhere #RKOMyKids

Seth was just getting a banana when...

Randy Orton is a wrestler with the WWE.  He's an established main event player.

His finisher is the RKO.

This is what it looks like.

RKO on Shane McMahon

When he's not RKOing everyone on the WWE, he's RKOing everyone on the internet with the #RKOOuttaNowhere videos.

You can YouTube RKO Outta Nowhere and you'll get a ton of funny videos...

I have an idea how they do the placing the Randy on the videos, but I can't do it with my computer.  But I wanted to have fun, so I took some pictures of the kids and superimposed Randy coming over to my house and RKOing them.

RKO to Celi

RKO to Emma

RKO to Seth

They had fun watching me make them.

Maybe soon I can learn how to do the videos..

If you want the link to the Randy or how you can do it yourself, just ask.

I'll probably annoy with more later.