The David Schwimmer Blog

Howdy. My name is Eric and I used to be a blogger.

Really I was.

Sure my name wasn't mentioned at blogger conferences or on twitter...

or by my family and friends.

But I blogged.  So I was a blogger.

Even when you're a non-famous blogger like I was, D-List actually, you're still considered a blogger.  It's not like you suck at singing and you attempt to sing and your parents say you're really great and when in reality you really stink.

I mean really really stink.

Like myself.

You're not a singer.

I'm not a singer.

No matter what Sister Mary Clarence said in Sister Act 2.

Anyways, blogging is not like singing.  You don't have to be popular or even good to be considered a blogger.  Just go to Blogger (or Wordpress) come up with a title that describes what you want to blog about and hope that it hasn't already been taken.

I'll talk about this later.

So I was a Daddy Blogger.  I wrote Juggling Eric for a few years and then revamped it to Welcome to Boltonshire. Juggling Eric was mainly about my growth. Not like a mole or tumor type of growth, but my growth as an individual and how I dealt with juggling all the roles I had.

The role as a husband and new father. The role of being a Christian, brother, son and friend.  It ended up being mostly about my adventures as a dad. I met a bunch of cool Dad Bloggers and I got to watch them get all famous and stuff while I secretly envied them.

Its like those ensemble TV show sitcoms that was really popular for a long period of time and after ten years the cast breaks up and some go on to be Jennifer Aniston and some become David Schwimmer.

I'm the David Schwimmer of dad bloggers.

I should call this blog "The David Schwimmer Blog".  That'll probably help me in regards to Google searches.


Look at that, I didn't even type in his whole name and it's the top of the concern for the current status of "David S"s.

How do you pluralize "David S"??  Was it like I did just a few seconds ago?  I had no idea pluralize was an actual word.  I didn't get the red squiggly line meaning I misspelled it like I do anytime I type "convenient".  You don't know it, but I misspelled "convenient" and fixed it.  I always seem to add an extra "i" in there somewhere.  Sometimes even spell check has no idea what I'm spelling.  So I just change the entire sentence around my poor spelling skills.

I'm self diagnosed with ADHD.

You've known it the whole time reading, but I just changed the name of this post from In Production to The David Schwimmer Blog so now you shouldn't be confused about the title of this blog.  If I get a call from someone with a New York or LA area code telling me to change it, that.. would.. be awesome.

"Mr. Schwimmer is very active.  He's doing voice over work for Madagascar 4: Madagascarians in Space!!!" 

Madagascarians has the red squiggly line underneath it.

I honestly didn't plan on spending this much blog space talking about David Schwimmer. I have nothing against him personally.  While the picture of his profile on IMDB isn't the most flattering, I do approve of his beard.

So hopefully moving away from David Schwimmer.

I can't...

I've actually spent TOO much time on David Schwimmer.  I'll just have to continue in another post.  I've built your expectations up too high and brought the wrong Googlers here with all my talk about David Schwimmer.  I might as well just turn this blog into a David Schwimmer Fan Blog.  I'm sure there's already a David Schwimmer Fan Blog, I'll have to change the name to like.. The Fan Blog of David Schwimmer or The People's Blog of Schwimmerainia.

Okay now I'm just milking it.

I'll cut it there.

I used to be a blogger.

My apologies to Mr. Schwimmer.

Schwimmer has a red squiggly line under it FYI.