Hashtag Thor

Is that Thor Thor??

It was announced yesterday that a major Marvel comic book hero is now a female.  There are few details at this time, but Thor the God of Thunder will now be portrayed in the comics by a woman.  Thor #1 will feature a brand new God of Thunder (he's not getting any gender altercations or anything).  The comic is set for release this fall.

Now the conservative side of me feels this may be strictly for the PC crowd to include more female comic characters in bigger roles.  This has upset a lot of the comic geeks on the internet.  And I can see where they’re coming from.

Comic Book Purest on the web hate almost everything about change in a comic or comic character.   They hate when an actor is announced to play the title character in an upcoming movie adaptation.  They sit behind their monitors and keyboards, and just complain and complain about how different or how character is and how much the movie is going to suck.

They do the same when a new direction is announced in comics.

Now with Lady Thor?

Lady Thor

I’m actually okay with it and here’s two reasons why.

The First Reason

Loreli, Araceli, Emma, and Madeline.

My four daughters.

Loreli likes comics. Emma likes Doctor Who. Araceli wants to like them both, but says she likes them to fit in.  Maddy is too small right now, but she’ll more than likely follow suit.

A few years ago, I came into possession of about 2000 comic books dating from the late sixties to the early eighties.  I was only able to obtain Marvel comics, but I’m assuming this guy had the same range of DC too.  But in this cache of comics, there were comics I was not going to read ever.

Those were She-Hulk, Ms Marvel and Spider-Woman.

Yes they were all women, that could have been the reason why I didn’t read them.  But honestly, I wasn’t interested in their stories.  Back then they were pretty much just the female version of their male counterpart. 

Hulk, Captain America and Spider-Man.

So I offered them up to my kids.  Loreli took them all.

What I didn’t realize being a guy and always subjecting my daughter to my geeky male heroes -  Spider-Man, Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc. I didn’t give her any lady geek heroes to look up to.

She had them now.

While they may not be as mainstream as Hulk, Captain America and Spider-Man, they were to her and her sisters.

So If Lady Thor gives them something to look up to and their a positive role model.  Then I’m okay with it.

The Second Reason

The second reason I’m okay with it is based on money.

While I have no idea how Lady Thor will come into being.  My theory is that Thor Thor (you say things twice when you mean the original one or to stress importance)…

I’m hungry, but not hungry hungry.

... did something stupid and doesn’t feel he is worthy enough to wield Mjolnor, his Hammer.  So he drops his hammer in a fit of depression and Lady picks it up becoming Lady Thor.

It is a great  way to tell a different story from a character that’s been in comics for over 50 years.  But what those internet haters don’t like to do, they don’t like to think anywhere past their own hate. 

The success of comic books lead way to comic book adapted movies.  More people see movies than read comics.  Thor Thor has been in three Marvel Movies as a dude.  He is also going to be in Avengers 2 next summer…

As a dude.

When Comic Book Movies come out and they have a different variation of a character from the books, the comic books seem to follow suit.  It’s their way of making the transition easy for new readers to recognize a character they saw on the big screen.

In the comics, Wolverine originally was a short and not very handsome.  In X-Men:  The Movie we were introduced to Hugh Jackman.  Hugh is the opposite.  After X-Men:  The Movie, Wolverine got a little more handsome.

We were introduced to Agent Coulson (played by Clark Gregg)  in the movie, Iron Man.  After that he showed up in the Thor and Avengers movies as well.  He eventually became a recurring character in the comics.

So, Thor Thor in the movies is a dude.  Lady Thor isn’t.  Since Avengers 2 is going to be a 2 hour commercial for Marvel Comics, it’s safe to say if Marvel wants to keep collecting that cash, Lady Thor will change back to Thor Thor by next summer. 

Because there’s going to be someone who goes, “Hey, I like that Thor! I want to go read about him.”  He goes to the comic store and picks up the current issue and on the front of the cover he sees Thor has breasts. “Hey this isn’t Thor Thor!!!”

Is Lady Thor going to be gone forever once Thor Thor comes back?

Probably not, it’s probably a way to introduce a new character as well as get in some new readers before the movie comes out.

It’s not a terrible thing.

So internet, get over it!