Top Secret New York Mission

Tonight is our last night in New York. A couple of weeks before Seth and I arrived, my brother ran a scouting mission to the same areas we would be visiting.  When he arrived back home, he sent me the following message...

Good morning Agent Dork,
Your mission, if you choose to accept is as follows:

Within this email are a series of photos. Each of these photos are objects that are located in NYC. The objective of this mission is to locate and identify each of these items. Each item you find, a certain individual will be at each location. You are to find this individual and tell them, “ I know the Muffin Man.” You will then proceed to give them a high five. After this has been completed, you are to take a picture of the item that is found and give its location.

You are not allowed to submit the original photo back to home base.

In the event you are to locate and identify all items you will receive a mystery gift for all of your hard work.

Don't worry though, if you don't find all of the items you will receive a consolation prize.

Godspeed Agent Dork.

So below are the photos he took with my captures on the right..

Port Chester Coach Diner - Location: Port Chester, NY
I wasn't really sure if we went there at the exact same time or the clock is broken. I did a quick Google Maps and....

More than likely, it's broken.  Chances of three pictures of the same clock by three different people means it's broken.  Unfortunately, I did not see a SAVE THE COACH CLOCK TOWER shirt.

Do Not Feed Birds Signs - Location: Mamaroneck, NY

Capitol Theatre Billboards - Location: Port Chester Train Station

Dean & Deluca - Location: 8th Avenue, Manhattan

CubeSmart - Location: Harlem from the Train back to Port Chester

Gummy Eggs - Location: Toys R Us Times Square

Misspelled Gratitude Billboard - Location: Harlem from the train back to Port Chester 

Actually the sign is not misspelled.  Well it is, but it is on purpose.  It is to promote the Grattitude Project.  Go ahead and go LIKE their Facebook Page.

Mike and Ike Zours - Location: Toys R Us Times Square

PF Changs Front - Location: White Plains, NY
I was going to try and cheat on this one by just getting a Google Street View of this..

So to see if it was okay to just use this view, I sent him a text...

Run Forrest Run License Plate - Location: Bubba Gumps in Times Square
Dried Zombie Skin - Location: Toys R Us in Times Square

Hot Sauce - Location: Bubba Gumps in Times Square
Turns out this is not the exact picture.  I was a booth or two off.  

Psychic - Location: 8th Avenue
Honesty Check - I had a feeling it was on 8th Avenue, but we had passed it quite a ways before I realized I missed it.  My mother sent a text to her co-worker to take the picture and send it to me.  The picture on the right is hers.

Vanderbilt Hall - Location: Grand Central Terminal
 Again, right location, not the correct picture.

Subway Sign - Location: I have no clue

Honesty Check: I couldn't find where he took this picture, so I searched the image on Google and got the one above right.

So I found 14 out of 15 locations.  I got two of those 14 wrong, and one of 14 I needed a little help getting the picture.  I honestly would have found 0 of 15 if I didn't have my mother help with the locations.

I at least get the consolation prize.

After I was done with all this I asked if Ed left the prize here.  She said, "he will bring it next time he sees you, and honestly its not worth all the time you've put into it."

Welcome to Boltonshire.


  1. With all the work you did, I thought he would have paid for your dinner! Well, knowing you, I know you had a good time searching for all the places!
    Hope you like your prize!


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