The Welcome to Boltonshire Saga [Part 1]

Welcome to Boltonshire has finally made it to print.  And by print, I don't mean printed by my mother so she can post it on her bulletin board at work to show how awesome her son is to her co-workers.  I mean printed in books.

Comic Books.

Pulp fiction comic books.

It's actually a crossover between five different pulp comics from the same publisher.

The Welcome to Boltonshire Saga is what they're calling it.

Pulp comics were popular in the 50's and 60's.  A lot of science fiction, spacey wacey type stories.  The stories deal with issues that have been addressed on this blog as well as when it was called Juggling Eric.  I'll post one a day this week.  

The first issue is Michael-Centric.


Story Arc:  The Welcome to Boltonshire
Issue Title: Multiplying Siblings from Caverns Deep

Cadet Michael returns home from Rocket Patrol Training to find the home he once knew was changed forever.  While he was gone something happened at home, he had siblings. The siblings kept coming and coming.  There was nothing he could do.  They started invading from the caverns beneath Boltonshire.  Hundreds and hundreds of them.  What is causing the multiplying siblings and will Michael ever want to come home again?

I'll stretch the others through out the week.

Will these be read?  Maybe by my mother and her co-workers when she puts it on her bulletin board at work.


Welcome to Boltonshire.