Our Nursery Theme [PENDING APPROVAL]

I like Pinterest.  It keeps me occupied when my friends on Facebook are boring me.  If you're a friend of mine from Facebook, I don't mean you.


So yeah, I'm on Pinterest and I found the ultimate theme for our upcoming baby's room...

That's right... Superheroes!!!  But not just regular superheroes... VINTAGE SUPERHEROES!!!

That leather bench couch thing looks rather expensive...  So I probably won't be using that and just use my son's futon.  If we take the futon our of our room and put it in the baby's room, it will solve the main thing of getting all the unfolded laundry out of our room.  With the baby going to be newborn and stuff, they won't complain much about the potential mess.

Just about poop and pee in the diaper and being hungry and stuff.

I'm assuming they got some sort of screen print and put it over a canvas or something.  

I don't read these things, I just look at pictures.

Anyways, check out Baby Lifestyles post if you want more info on the style.

I'll be posting how we did it later this year I'm sure.

Pending approval from my wife of course.

Welcome to Boltonshire.


  1. I'm digging it. Wish I could decorate my room like that.


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