The KEEP CALM and CARRY ON posters are quiet popular on the internets you know.  People make them to support their favorite sports team or celebrity.  Some try to be trendy by making whatever is a hot topic in the news and stuff.  If you don't know, my wife is pregnant with our SIXTH kid.  And let's just say that she's not always keeping calm, but she does a lot of carrying on if you know what I mean.  When we finally get to the delivery room in September I know she's NOT GOING TO BE CALM AT ALL!!!!  She's not going to be freaking out like she doesn't know what to do, but I'm pretty sure she'll be ready for this pregnancy to be completed.

So in an effort to  help my wife keep calm during the labor and delivery, I made some KEEP CALM posters that I will hang up in the delivery room.  I hope the propaganda will influence her where she's not all stressed.

I'm quite sure she will love them...

We got kids at home, she's due during the fall premiere of new shows and new seasons.  If she's not committed to getting this thing over so I can get home and watch the premiere of BLACKLIST with James Spader, I'm going to be upset.  Sure there's HULU, but it'll only sit in my queue and I'll never watch it and I'll have to give it up like I did Warehouse 13 and Arrow.

This one give her and I permission to freak the heck out.  Seriously?!?! FOUR GIRLS?!?!

Really, she should be used to this by now....

Because I do.  This is not my first rodeo.

 It's not a lie.  The more contractions she has, the more she will progress.  If  contractions cause pain, than pain = progress.  It's simple math.

Yes, you're over half way there, but we still got four to go.  Wake me when we get to nine.

I'll put this one up and then go to the food court and get a McDouble.

No matter what happens here, this baby is going to be free.


How do you think this will go over?

Welcome to Boltonshire.


  1. These are funny. The version with the combination of question marks and exclamation points seems the best option. We're freaking a little over our third coming. You read this and probably think, "Pikers."


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