Geek Father's Day Cards

I was thinking the other day.. Why the heck aren't there any cool comic book  / sci fi / geek character type Father's Day cards.  I assume the greeting card nazis think dads only like to hunt, fish, watch sports and do anything that is not comic book, sci fi or geek related.


So I took it upon myself to make a few prototypes of what I personally would like to see in a Father's Day Card. 

Calling them "prototypes" gets me off the hook of doing this all at the last minute and they look like cranberry sauce...

The first one is the catch all. It's the last minute father's day card.  You have humor, and sentiment, without getting too personal.  Because all those were already taken.



At first a dad may be thinking, "oh dude, you got me an Aquaman card..." and then BAMM!!! It's Batman.  Well played child, well played...

This next card is from the kid who is proud of you, no matter how you look in spandex...



BOOM!! That's how they see you!!  They don't know you have no idea how to fix whatever it is they broke.  But the first thing they say is when they broke it, "Daddy can fix it!!"  Because you're obviously a good faker.

This next card is from the kid who just wants to spend time with their dad, doing whatever.  Even if it means the complete genocide of a planet.




Destruction of planets are the best way to bond with your kid. 

This last one is about the respect and integrity, you've taught your children and how they appreciate you.



So there you have it.  Depending on the stats from this page, I will be posting the link to my Etsy store.

Welcome to Boltonshire and have a Happy Father's Day you geek dads.


  1. You are officially redeemed for your opinion that Green Lantern is the best superhero Dad. Well played.


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