The Daddy, The Daughter and The Doctor

I started watching Doctor Who about a year ago on Netflix.  I caught most of the episodes at night while Kristie was at work.  There were times when Emma had a late nap and would not go to sleep at a normal time (8:30-ish) and would watch it with me. 

This is her watching it with me the other night.  When there's a scary part we cover her eyes, yet she still comes back for more.

When I say I'm going to watch TV, she asks if I'm going to watch Doctor Who.  When I fall asleep on the couch watching it, she'll stay awake and finish watching.

She also recognizes both David Tennant and Matt Smith as The Doctor, although I'm not sure which one she favors more.

So last night, I finally made it to Series 7.  It was late (10:30-ish), she had a late nap and I had to get some stuff done before I went to bed.  She wasn't going to take that as an answer and I got this response from her.

This fit actually went on about 2 minutes all with the same request of wanting to watch Doctor Who.  Araceli was up as well, but she doesn't share the same love for The Doctor as Emma because you can hear her request to watch Good Luck Charlie.

Welcome to Boltonshire.