Free Comic Book Day

May is a pretty exciting month in Boltonshire.  Michael will be home from his first year of college.  May will also mark the end of the first home schooling year for the children.  Kristie gets stoked about May because there’s Mother’s Day AND her birthday.  But more important than the coming home from college. More important than celebrating of the woman who deals with my children on a daily basis.  More important than saying “Mission: Accomplished” with home school.  The most important thing about May is comics.

Free comics.

Free comics on Free Comic Book Day.


May 4th, 2013 will be this year’s Free Comic Book Day. Just as the name applies, you can walk into a participating comic store with no cash and walk out with a handful of comics.  Now you can’t go in there and grab an issue of Incredible Hulk 181, the first full appearance of Wolverine and say, “See ya suckers!!!”  It doesn’t work like that.  There are specific comics that are given out on Free Comic Book Day.  They usually have “FREE COMIC BOOK DAY” across the top of them.

This will be Boltonshire’s fourth foray into Free Comic Book Day.  We try to make it out early, just so we can get the good swag.  Also because we hit up at least three stores each time too.  Each store may have a different policy on how many  comics they give out to each person (it can range from 2 to whatever).  This is why I would bring the kids along at first.  If the store had a two book limit, I would get “two for Emma” if you know what I mean.  “Yes sir” I would say to the comic book guy. “ my six months old LOOOOOVES comics.”  She would get an Avengers or Transformers for me and I’d let her have a Smurfs to chew on while we’re going home.

Now they’re older, they actually want to keep them.  I taught them how to properly care for a comic with the bags and boards.  Michael, Loreli and Seth are the only ones that really care.  I’ll eventually find Araceli’s or Emma’s torn up or under a dresser or something.

But regardless of the outcome of the book’s condition, we always have fun when we go.

Loreli at FCBD 2010

Seth taking care of his new comics FCBD 2010
Our score FCBD 2011

FCBD 2012

When asked about Free Comic Book Day, the following people may or may not have said the following…

I believe we’re going to try and get the following books:

There’s about 2 dozen or so that are available.  Though not every comic book store may have every title. So even if you aren’t an awesome comic book geek like me, be one for a day.  Go get a free comic.  You can find a location near you by going to where you can also view the comics available this year.

And if you go and you happen to see those grown men playing with action figures saying, “PEW PEW PEW!” Please don’t judge them.  It’ll make their mother’s cry.

Welcome to Boltonshire.


  1. Nana has always wanted to go... Maybe you can invite her!


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