Alamo City Comic Con is Coming!!!

The doctor that delivered me from my mother’s womb knew two things about me when I was born. One, I was awesome. And B, I was a dork. For the past 38 (sadly almost 39) years of my life, I have been living a dual role as both awesome AND a dork. A lot of times, and my jerk friends from middle and high school and even college might have seen more of the dork side versus the awesome side. Rarely did the two sides manifest at the same time.

Sometimes awesomness and dorkiness combine to form something so incredibly dorkily awesome, you have to be a part of the event.

An event like... COMIC CON!!

San Diego Comic Con 2012

A convention of all things awesome and all things dork.

For the past seventeen years or so, I’d see pictures and articles about comic conventions in far off cities like San Diego, Chicago and New York. But nothing major in San Antonio. Sure there was Austin, but going to Austin is like walking through Mordor. You simply cannot just walk into Austin.

So one day my awesome friend Steve and I were talking about how there needs to be a major comic convention here in San Antonio. I came up with the idea of us starting one and told him about how my best friend growing up in Houston did his own con. Then Steven got a phone call and we never talked about it again…

Then it’s like God heard my prayer. Well it wasn't really a prayer, just a dream. Not really a dream dream, but a day dream. But it’s still classified as a dream, all right?!?! I saw on Facebook that there’s going to a comic con here in San Antonio. An actual comic con!!!

I gave myself a self-fist bump.

I was relieved, I didn't have to put one together now. With my history, no one would show up. It would just be me, my kids, and my brother dressed as something racist or offending. The only star I would have would be LaVar Burton’s Twitter Page Updates.

That’s Geordi LaForge from Star Trek: The Next Generation for all you non-awesome and non-dork people. He’s also of Reading Rainbow fame.

Alamo City Comic Con is coming to San Antonio October 25th, 26th, and 27th.

I giggled in excitement for two days nonstop.

I talked with Apple, (yes his name is Apple, it’s awesome) the head honcho of the con as well as some of his staff, and they are letting me blog about the con here as another way to get the word out about the event.

I first want to invite you to their webpage as well as Facebook page. There you’ll get a lot of information and updates about the convention.

Tickets do go on sale this Saturday, April 27th. They are having a launch party at Heroes and Fantasies on Summit Parkway tickets are available at the party and then go for sale online at 12PM.

I will not be able to make the launch party due to the kids’ baseball games.

Price for an Alamo City Comic Con daily pass are as follows:

- Ages 1 Day Old to 4 Years Old – Free

- Ages 5 Years to 11 Years - $10.00

- Ages 12 to Infinity - $25.00

There are other packages available, which will be discussed later, but can also be viewed on their webpage.

I’m pretty excited about it. Do you plan on attending?

Welcome to Boltonshire.


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