NCAA Basketball Tournament of Death [ Round One ]

Sometimes I'm just a glutton for punishment.  Maybe it's just the need to be a part of things that aren't related to shows on Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel.  Yet, after a devastating attempt a couple years ago to be a part of the NCAA Basketball Bracket Tournament Challenge Thing or whatever it's called, I accepted a friends invitation to participate this year.

Eric, why would you even bother?  You know you're going to fail horribly!

I know. I know.  But self deprecating blog posts are awesome.

Eric, what was your method at choosing your brackets?

It's simple.  Forget you signed on to play until the morning the NCAA Basketball Bracket Tournament Challenge Thing or whatever it's called starts. Get to work 10 minutes early and make your picks based on names you recognize. Then push Submit.

No research? No asking your friends?  That hasn't really worked for you in the past few seasons of Fantasy Football.

Again, self deprecating blog posts about how you suck at sports are awesome.

Here are my brackets.

At the end of the first day of playing round one.  I think I had okay results.  But we weren't done with the first round.  So at the end of round one on Friday night, here were my results.

Yellow equals who I picked to win.  If they are yellow in the next round, they won.  If they are redish orange (or is it orange red), that team lost.

I don't think I did too bad.  5 out of 8 isn't horrible.  I tried going for the underdog on a few of them and it didn't really work out.  Everyone I have advancing to the sweet sixteen won at least.

The big thing here was that Kansas State crapped out.  While this bracket wasn't busted by it, I did have them advancing to the Elite Eight.  Five out of eight of my picks made it to the next round.  For this bracket not to be a bust, Arizona will have to win in the next round.

Colorado losing here kind of hurt me.  I picked them as underdogs really to go to the Sweet Sixteen.  Hopefully Marquette makes it through the next round.  The running theme of 5 out of 8 lives on.

Georgetown here messed it up. I'm pretty sure for for everyone else on the planet too.  I had them going to the Elite Eight.  While I didn't have UCLA going past Georgetown in the Sweet Sixteen, I needed them to win to make it  a perfect five for eight in each division.
While it's obvious I need both Kansas and Michigan, I would like them both to win to keep this bracket alive for another round.

All of my picks for the Final Four survived this round.

Right now, I'm pretty excited I did this well.  Sure my college buddies are like, dude you're in sixth place out of seven.  

Yeah, but at least I'm not seventh.

After Round One:
19 out of 32 Picks Correct
13 out of 32 Picks Incorrect

I have 190 ESPN Basketball Tourny Thing Points
Ranked 6,527,401 out of 6,973,738,933 in the world (I'm not sure if they're all playing though).

How'd your brackets do?

Welcome to Bracketshire.