NCAA Basketball Tournament of Death [ Round Three ]

I somehow made it to Round  Three without any major casualties.  At the end of the second round, all my FINAL FOUR picks were still alive.  But Round Three is like the third quarter of a San Antonio Spurs or a Texas A&M football game.  It always seems the team is running out of steam and it ends up being the worst of their quarters.  Since I'm a fan of both of those teams (living in San Antonio and going to Texas A&M), I knew this concern was valid.

So to recap my system for picking teams.

  1. Get asked by your college buddies to join in.
  2. Not wanting to seems like you're only major events in the house is when a new episode of Phineas and Ferb comes on.
  3. Making your picks based on having five minutes to get to work.
  4. Don't put money on it.
With that here's the breakdowns.

I got both my picks for MIDWEST BRACKET CORRECT.  Somehow I've got this one mostly right each round.  I really wanted Louisville to lose this round even though I picked them.  The main reason is that is the ream most of my buds picked to win the whole thing. They won though and I still got the points.

Syracuse is my pick to win the whole thing.  They win as did Marquette.  Got them both right on this one too. My buddy Jeff picked Indiana but their loss means he's out.

My SOUTH BRACKET just needed for Michigan to win.  They upset Kansas, which upset my buddy Matt whose whole set of brackets were busted with their loss.

 My WEST BRACKET was a different story.  I was already almost halfway busted with Kansas State's loss in the first round.  I just needed Arizona to win to keep all my FINAL FOUR teams still alive. 

They failed to win which means my WEST BRACKET is ...

I'm honestly surprised I lasted this long.  Two of my buds are out (if by out you mean the team they picked to win is out), the rest of them have Louisville to win.  I'm the only one to have Syracuse to win.  I have Louisville to get knocked out by Duke in the next round.  Let's hope that happens.

After Round Three:
Of the six games I was eligible to pick from, I got five of them correct.

I have 570 ESPN Basketball Tourny Thing Points ( + 200 from round one )
Ranked 1,754,577 out of 6,973,738,933 in the world (I'm not sure if they're all playing though)  ( + 4,772,824 in the rankings )

I am currently third in my group and in unfamiliar territory.

How'd your brackets do?

Welcome to Bracketshire.