Naming the Baby [Celebrity Baby Names Edition]

A major topic of conversation in Boltonshire is what to name Bolton 6.0.  I think I have some pretty good ideas. My wife doesn't give them a chance, so I decided to see if I could convince her if I put the name in print.

My next batch are of possible celebrity baby names for the upcoming kid.  You know how celebrities really don't like kids so they punish them with weird names?  Yeah, this last child is going to be a little social experiment for me.

Do you think celebrities look at our kids with "normal" names and think we're the bunch of freaks?

In no particular order...

So what do you think??  I  think West Sayid is particularly brilliant.  

I know. I know. I could be messing them up inside with weird names like this.  I'm prepared for such a situation.  Which is why I plan on getting this tat in hopes to reduce the cost of the psych visits.

Welcome to Boltonshire.


  1. My first year teaching I had a Diamond in my class. I do like West Sayid myself. It is also unisex, so it could work for either a boy or girl.


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