Fun With Craigslist

I like to look at the free stuff offered on craigslist.  Not that I want a bunch of junk, but sometimes there's something that's just what we need and FREE is better than not free.  I made a comment the other day that I'm beginning to think that the Free section is getting to be just a place for people to have free labor services done.  Like removal of garden rocks, plants or dirt.

Based on this, I decided I'm going to try to have some fun with criagslist to see if I can get responses and or flagged.

I started simple.  There's some candy that's been sitting on my desk at work and posted a picture of it in the San Antonio FREE Classifieds.

Nothing big right?  The item is in good shape and obviously with the upcoming Easter holiday there's a need.

The item was posted at 6:47 AM

I received a response at 7:09 AM

"I want it but please help me load it in my truck I have a bad back"

The post was flagged and deleted at 7:12 AM


I don't know if Mr. Bad Back flagged or anyone else, but that's bad form.  There's a ton of stuff on there that's complete pooh and they're still posted.

My candy is legit!!

So I reposted in Austin at 8:03 AM

Flagged and Deleted within two minutes with no response from any candy afficiando.

I was determined to get another response.  So I reposted once more.  This time in Baltimore because I figured the craigslist police were watching the San Antonio, Austin, Houston areas.

I also changed the title to Easter Supplies, maybe you can't give candy away online, I dunno.

The item was posted in Baltimore at 8:15 AM

It didn't last long there either.  No one appreciates my free candy.

Maybe I'll have more luck selling it.

Posted in San Antonio at 9:13 AM

It lasted all day.  I did not get a reply, and it got flagged sometime in the evening.  I'm not giving up though.  There has to be some one out there that wants the candy.

Maybe I can barter it.

Welcome to Boltonshire.