Ducks and Drool [Loreli's Diary]

Somehow Loreli found out about the existence of diaries.  She wanted to get one and write stuff down she felt was important that no one would read.

Like this blog.

We bought it for her on Sunday and she made some entries throughout the afternoon and evening.  She told me there was something about me and I was never going to see it.

So I told her, I was going to buy a diary and write about her and not tell her.  But I don't feel like leaving right now.  I'll just go in her room, betray her trust and pick the lock to see what she said about me.

This would explain all the quacking and laughing until about 9:30 every night.

Now this part really pissed me off.  I'd rather her talk about a boy than dis the Aggies.  I was so mad I ripped the pages off.  It then occurred to me what I've done.  So I put the diary under her bed where Rosco sleeps.  She woke up and blamed him.

Welcome to Boltonshire.


  1. Not a nice thing to read her diary... I really wanted to get it for her but it doesn't matter so long as she has one. She is really cool, I told her how some girls keep writing in them every day, even when they become Moms and then they read them later and can work on their art or remember what they have done when they were little.


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