Doggie Village [ Loreli's Diary ]

Well the other day we got Loreli a diary.  Apparently it was Nana who told her she needed one.  She started writing in it and taunted me there was something about me in there.  Things got a little out of control and I planted the diary where it would be assumed our dog Rosco chewed it up.

Well she found it, blamed him and because I had promised I would take him to a trainer if he chewed up anything again.  I had too.  

Wanting to see if she was on to me, last night I pulled it out from under her pillow and read it again.

Whew. Off the hook. Well kinda.  I sort of exaggerated what "Doggie Villiage" was.  I said it was a resort out in the Hill Country for young dogs who need to learn how to control themselves.  

I actually only drove to Whataburger down the street and paid Pete, the guy who sits in the grass near Whataburger all the time, thirty bucks and a chocolate shake to watch Rosco for a week.

I keep piling on the lies.  I feel like Walter White in Breaking Bad.

I sure hope my pregnant wife doesn't get a craving for chocolate shakes and french fries in the next week.

Welcome to Boltonshire.