Ad Space For Lease

There's this dude who got a Netflix tattoo.  A Netflix tattoo?  Yes a tattoo of the word "NETFLIX".  See the picture?  Yes that is real.  The story is that he loves Netflix so much, he had to make it a permanent part of his body.  He even  tweeted the picture to @Netflix and they gave him a free year of the service.

A free year!

We have Netflix and it's like 8 bucks a month. Multiply that by 12 and it's only 96 dollars.  If he got both the streaming and the DVD service, it's just under $200.00 worth of services.  Is it worth it?

Heck yeah it's worth it.  This guy is a genius because he doesn't have to stop there, he can get tatted up with "HULU+" and  "Amazon" and try to get their services for free.

Now I'm not above trying to find a steady stream of income outside my full time job.  So I decided to take this brilliant idea and make it my own.  There's a lot of goods and services I would like for free that I would risk hepatitis to obtain.

Here's some of my options.

This one is a no-brainer.  Dr Pepper and I are like uuuhhhh... two things that go well together.  I figure if I get a Dr Pepper tattoo and @DrPepper wants to give me a years supply of DP, I'd save like $4500 a year.

But we also need a second car.  We just have the Bolton Battle Wagon right now and I'm sure my wife would like to sleep in once in a while instead of taking me to work.  If I go this route, I might change it to a Dodge Challenger.  I'd even go as low as a '95 Kia.

Seeing as how we spent New Years Day in the ER this year, I wouldn't mind sporting this if I didn't have to pay a deductible to them EVERY YEAR!!!!!!

If I get this one, I need to get it quick since Bolton 6.0 is coming soon.  This one also straddles the line between "free baby" and "restraining order".

Boltonshire needs more square footage.  Even though we got rid of Michael in September, we still need more room.  I figure @PulteHomes would like this one and could supply us with the square footage we need.

So what shall it be my friends?

I  thought about putting a sports team or logo, but a lot of people have those and you hear nothing about free tuition to those guys.

But if I put one on my kid and tweet it?  I'm sure it has scholarship written all over it.

Welcome to Boltonshire.