The Bolton Shake [Harlem Shake]

Thursday before lunch, I had no idea what the Harlem Shake was about.  I might have seen some mention of it in my Facebook news feed, but I didn't pay any attention to it.

My curiosity finally got the better of me during lunch when I saw the Norwegian Army Version.  I honestly was like, "what the heck was that?!?"  I kept looking through the related videos and came across from one done at the University of Texas where Michael currently goes to school.  A quick text exchange with him revealed he was not a participant.

More videos viewed during lunch and most of them seemed like frat boys being frat boys.


I thought there were some fun ones and decided I was going to make a Boltonshire version.

So we did.  

I think we're the only one of our friends who actually went through with it.  That's cool though.  My family is awesome and we like to have fun looking awesome.

Here's our version.

Seth Daniel lived up to his Disco moniker.  He was brilliant.  Heck my whole family was brilliant.

You can think it's silly or stupid or we look like a bunch of fools, but that's cool.  We looked like a bunch of fools as a family.

I  missed my chance to do a Call Me Maybe video, I wasn't going to let another one pass me by.

Where's yours?

Welcome to Boltonshire.