Welcome To Boltonshire

When I was a kid, I looked forward to the Sunday paper.  Not that I cared about current events or anything, I was just going for the comics.  One of my favorites at the time was Bloom County.  If you remember (or even read it), it dealt with Opus the Penguin and Bill the Cat (shown) and various other characters.  Sure the jokes went over my head, but I enjoyed the character designs and even based my attempt at comic characters on Bloom County.

One Sunday I was looking for Bloom County and found the name had changed to Outland


I wasn't sure why. The art was the same (from what I remember the backgrounds were a bit different), and it was pretty much the same characters with one or two no longer making appearances (even though they were still mentioned).  I still enjoyed the strip and most of the jokes still went over my head.  I still always called it Bloom County, but I never understood why it changed, I just accepted it.

Later I read the writer retired Bloom County to try something different with Outland.  It didn't take long for Outland to be Bloom County again.  Whether his initial idea for the new strip didn't work past the initial storyline or what, he went back to what worked for him.

Juggling Eric wasn't working for me anymore.  Sure it's how the internet knew me, but I felt my time as "Juggling Eric" has passed.  I started that blog as a way to deal with all the pressures I had at being a novice dad, a novice husband, a brother, son, and friend.  Me attempting to write was a way for me to pound out my frustrations or feelings on the keyboard in a way to find like minded people as a support group.

I am no longer "juggling" those proverbial hats any longer and I have a pretty good footing in all categories.  It's still progressive, but it's not about me.  It's always been about my family.  The people that only a handful of people really know and a rare few actually appreciate. 

The characters are the same as in Juggling Eric.  While you won't see one of the characters as much (he'll still make appearances).  The background is a little different and it's the same jokes that will probably still go over heads.  You might not understand why, but you need to just accept it.

Welcome to Boltonshire.