Taking much into consideration, and feeling it is in the best for them, Kristie and I have decided to home school the children.  Boltonshire Prep will start next Tuesday.  Texas requires we at least teach Math, Language Arts and Social Studies/History.  We're also adding a bible/devotional lesson and we'll see what works and add to or take away as the year progresses.  While this year we're primarily focusing on Loreli since she's 1st grade now, we're also going to include the other children when the lesson allows.

Since I will be at work most of the time, Kristie is handling the majority of the teaching from the subjects above.  When I'm home I'll try to include the more sciency and artsy stuff that requires making a mess and possibly blowing things up.

I've also decided to teach the children how to appreciate all things Geek.  With my comic stash acquired last year and streaming videos on Netflix and YouTube, I will present the kids lessons in Geekology (the study of Geek).

I've already put together the test for week one.

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 Just to let you know, I do see the error above. Deal with it, ok?  I think it's a nice start to a brand new subject.  The subject matter will vary, there will be questions about Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, etc. etc. etc.

I am also open for suggestions on topics for the weekly tests.  So send me your suggestions and I'll fit them into the curriculum.

If you also have ideas and suggestions for Kristie, we're open to those too.

Welcome to Boltonshire