Fantasy Football 2012

This conversation may or may not have happened…

Eric: Hey Ed.  Can I be in your Fantasy Football league this year?

Ed: I don't know.  Fantasy Football requires a lot of research.  Do you know enough about the game to play for thirteen weeks?

Eric: Try me.

Ed: Who won the Superbowl this past season?

Eric: That's a trick question.. It hasn't happened yet..

Ed: Can you name three football players?

Eric: Three?!? That many?

Ed: See dude…

Eric: No.  I got it.. Umm.. Emmit Smith, Jerry Rice… and umm…. Chad Ochocinco…

Ed:  Can you name me any that haven't been on Dancing With the Stars??

Eric: Errr.... Oh yeah, Jesse Palmer..

Ed: .... Or The Bachelor...

Eric: Uhhh… Bobby Boucher and that Shane Falco guy…You know, his coach looked like Gene Hackman??  BOOM, SHAKALAKA!!!

Ed: …………

Eric:  Please Ed.  I need this.  I need to appear legitimate and not always talking about WWE and comic books…

Ed:  Fine.

Eric: YES!!!!

[ - FIST PUMP - ] 

I'm back playing the Fantasy Football in my brother's league.  It's basically my brother Ed, his wife Christine, my brother Rob, and a bunch of Ed and Christine's friends who may or not be in Junior High judging by the name of some of these teams.

Last year I managed the El Supremo Maximos and we got a decent 8-5 record.  I placed third in the division being eliminated in the first round of the playoff by my sister-in-law who managed the team which shall not be named.  I was let go from the Maximos in the off season and hired by the Dunder Mifflin franchise in Scranton, PA.  I don't have any expectations this season.  Mainly because when I looked at my team for the first time, I somehow managed to draft three kickers and five players that were either "Questionable" or "Out for the Season".


If I get fired from Scanton what's next, Cleaveland?

So I have Tony Romo again as my starting quarterback.   This is a tough one because I always want Tony to do well, but he always seems to be luke warm and then gets broken.  My back up is Tim Tebow.  I'll see how Tony does first before I make the switch.

I have LeSean McCoy as my running back.  I've heard that's good.

I also have the 49ers defense and special teams.  They're ranked number 1 so we'll see.  But I totally expect Bane to blow up the stadium they're in and I'll end up with the Buccaneers.

Everything else about my team just screams 1-12 for the season.

Anyways, my first game is against "Team Lemler".   I don't know what to expect but I know it's not creativity.  I think I went through this last season.  If you're not going to come up with a witty name, don't even join.  Honestly, I think it's another place holder team for Ed and Christine to fill a spot in the draft and then pillage them for their better players.  That doesn't mean I won't lose mind you.  My brother Rob had his cat pick his players and he's like the returning champion or something.

See., Mr. Fluffypants knows how to pick them... 

That really is his cat.  I'm just amazed that Rob sleeps on zebra printed comforters.

Emma woke up Sunday night during the draft and I let her sit in my lap.  I got up to get her some juice and next thing you know I have three kickers.  I haven't talked to her since Sunday night.

Do you have a team?  How do you think it will do?  Not as bad as mine I hope.

Welcome to Boltonshire.