Once Upon A Time In Boltonshire [Week One]

I guess I'm trying to get back into blogging.  I was kind of burned out from it, plus my kids got kind of boring.  So while I try to establish a routine, I'll post a previous blog, part or in whole.  Usually it will be something I find comical and maybe comment on how things have or have not changed.

From Weekend Wrap Up Monday 8/09/09

I make the call to my grandparents and let them know that we made it back in town safely. My grandmother tells me that she found one of Ladybug's Care Bears. She said that she'll take care of it until we come back. I tell this to my daughter who has a break down. "We forgot Harmony Bear", I said. 



The wife was wondering why I even said anything. She has over TWENTY Care Bears and she wouldn't have noticed. I realized she was right. So, before I put my daughter down to sleep Sunday night, I go thru her bears and there's Harmony Bear. I then realize that we didn't leave Harmony, we left "Share Bear." So, I look like the hero when I bring in Harmony Bear. I'm not going to mention Share Bear at all. If the kid couldn't remember that she didn't take Harmony Bear, she's not going to remember that she actually took Share Bear.

And Now Today...
Yeah... This will totally still happen today if we left a bear somewhere.  Which is why I learned my lesson and buy double of all the things they get.

Just in case.

Have a great weekend my friends.