Man of Steel

So MaddSkillz had to do a project for class.  He had to take a painting by someone, anyone, doesn't matter and then recreate it with himself as the focus.

All without photoshop.

So he chose a painting entitled "Man of Steel" by Mel Ramos.

So he [read "WE"] had to make it work.  Again, all without photoshop.

Here's what we finished....

I think it came out pretty dang good.  We used candle motives as the rivets insulation board for the hull.  The cracks in our hull were due to it being windy the night we bought the board and it folded in half on us.  Sure we didn't take MaddSkillz height into proportion with the size of the hull, but he should get a close to perfect grade if you ask me.

Oh, and a Superman costume does not come with a yellow belt, so that "belt" is a yellow shirt belonging to MaddSkillz held together in the back with duct tape, with sharpie as the "buckle".

I know I haven't posted in forever, but thought my three readers might enjoy this.

Have a great day my friends.