When we're in the Dragon Wagon, my kids have a few songs they request to hear.  The below video contains one of those songs.  Building 429's, Where I Belong.

With the sudden passing of our church's pastor Dave Bell, shock is still set in. On Facebook, friends are changing their profile picture to worship album covers he was a part of and leaving heart broken and encouraging posts about their pastor, spiritual father, and friend.

While his congregation mourns their loss, it is not uncommon for people to ask "How could God let this happen?" or "Why did God allow this?  Pastor Bell was only 57."  The simple blanket answer that people are using for encouragement is, "It was just his time."

Then you have the questions coming from his wife, sons and family.  I'm sure they're asking God how He could take away the foundation of their family.  A fifteen year old boy has every right to question God about taking his father away from him.  My simple answer to them would be, "I don't know."

There is nothing wrong with questioning God about His actions.  Before his capture and death, Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane and asks God if it was possible the cup be passed from Him.

God could have done so.  God could have said, "Never mind, this is too much to ask of one man.  This is not where he belongs."  But He didn't.  Jesus fulfilled His purpose and created a way for man to have a relationship, live and reign forever with  God.  It was up to his followers, his apostles to rise up and make sure everyone knew the message.

God very well could have breathed life back into Pastor Bell yesterday morning.  God knew no one expected him to die before his Sunday message.  Pastor Bell's purpose and vision for his church and how they would advance the body of Christ was established and set fourth well before yesterday.

Dave Bell is home now.  He served the Lord during his short life on earth.  Those of us from church and his family can be assured we will see him again in Heaven, because that is where we ultimately belong.

Have a blessed day my friends.