A Letter to Lincoln Burrows.

You pretty much have to have seen Prison Break to appreciate this post.  MaddSkillz and I are currently  into season 2 via NetFlix.

Dear Lincoln,

It's a pretty known fact people think convicts are idiots.  They do stupid things to get themselves in situations that cause them to get arrested.  I know you were set up and all so you don't really fall into that category.  But I'm beginning to think you're as big of an idiot as everyone else in jail.  I'm talking about your attire while you are on the run.


Do you have to dress so dang cool?  Loose open shirt, B.A. sunglasses?  Shaved head?  Sure, if I had your bone structure I'd shave my head.  Heck I'd wear my shirt unbuttoned too.  But I'm not on the friggin' run like you are. 

The idea is to blend in with everyone else.  Not to look like you're going to the MTV Movie Awards.  It's no wonder why you're always recognized when you're walking around MIDDLE AMERICA.  They tend to wear their shirts buttoned all the way up and hair parted to the side.

I know the series is over now, but seriously.  Your brother thought of everything on his tattoo.  Was there no room on his body to remind himself to tell you not to dress like a d-bag?

Just a suggestion.



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