Happy Sixth Birthday Ladybug!

Ladybug has been counting down the days, weeks and months until this day was here.  We've tried to tell her we are not allowing her to turn six this year.  She didn't buy it.  We even told her that the president put in a a rider in the American Jobs Act that all birthdays that fell on October 14th were effectively cancelled this year going forward and there was nothing we could do about it.

She must listen to Rush Limbaugh because she knew that was crap too.

Against our wishes, October the Fourteenth has arrived and our baby girl has turned six years old and she couldn't be more excited.  I am taking it quite well as of this writing.  Tomorrow when I drop her off at school?  I'll be a hot mess.

I'm too young to have a six year old daughter...

Here's a picture of us the day she was born.

Daddy and Ladybug October 14th, 2005

I seriously can't believe she was EVER this tiny.

So in an effort to keep thinking of her this way, we recreated this photo last night.

Daddy and Ladybug October 13th, 2011
I haven't changed that much in six years.  Why the heck has she?

Happy Birthday Ladybug.  You are an amazing daughter, a terrific sister, and a wonderful blessing to this family.

Thank you for being my daughter.


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