Sticking it to Time Warner.

In an effort to minimize our bills, a little over a month ago we decided to cancel our cable.  It's come up about every year, but we never really followed through.  Not that I watch a butt load of TV, but I did have some TV shows I felt I could not do without.

Specifically LOST.

Then to a lesser extent the children's programming for the kids.

Well LOST is no longer around so there's nothing I'm totally committed to where I would have anxiety attacks if I missed it.  Maybe Breaking Bad, but I'm sure I could catch up somehow.

Anyways, when it was proposed to cancel the cable, the kids were upset.  Ladybug even started to cry.  They weren't going to be able to watch Power Rangers Samurai which is their most favoritest show ever.  But I was quick to concede to cancel the cable because Santa brought the kids the Wii for Christmas and it has the ability to stream Netflix.

So we dropped the sixty-plus dollar a month in favor for one that costs $8.99.

We're not doing the mail order one because I have enough crap coming into the house and I don't need the responsibility of returning something when I'm done.  Libraries don't like me.

The concern about what to watch for the kids was quickly subsided when they realized there's SIXTEEN POWER RANGER SERIES available to choose from.

The Emsters and Destiny would partake in some Yo Gabba Gabba goodness.  While KC has a weakness for ABC Family shows and caught up on Make it or Break it, and beat me to Mad Men.

Since my schedule SUCKS.  I don't have time to commit to anything, but when I get some time for decompressing or to myself, I started Dr Who and Firefly.  Both of which I've never seen a single episode and both of which no one else in my family has any interest in watching with me.

I'm okay with this.

Have a great day my friends.


  1. Dude, it's too bad it took you so long to watch Firefly, but I'm glad you finally did.

    I'm trying to love Dr. Who; I like it, but I'm not exactly loving it.

  2. You are mistaken. Libraries LOVE you! And we are about to take the no cable plunge as well...

  3. We have talked about the same.

    My concern is that we live far enough out that we won't get local reception for news and weather when we need to.

  4. Yes, Firefly rocks. And we are watcing MadMen right now on Netflix streaming.

    If KC wants an interesting Pride and Prejudice type show, watch Downton Abbey. Mrs. (and I) really enjoyed it.


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