Parenting Books Suck

So I decided I'm going to write a parenting book and call it Parenting Books Suck.  Not so much directed at parents writing books about their experiences, but more of books telling me how to raise a child.  So in the process I will be posting notes from my progress.

Like below.

Sure it's unconventional, but so are my kids.

Have a great day my friends.


  1. Love MomEO's comment. I agree!

    If I can have pizza for breakfast-and cold pizza at that- then cereal is most definitely an ok choice to me!

    (From one who's bought more parenting books than she's actually ever read, because let's face it, parenting is something you have to experience first-hand, thrown into the fire.)

  2. Dude, if you're serious, I'd be willing to be a contributor. We could make it an eBook and sell it on Amazon. Split the profit 50/50.

    Call me.


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