Ladybug's Lunch Bags

Ladybug started Kindergarten this year.  A perk of going to school all day is she can get a snack in the afternoon.  We have to supply the snack and she takes it like she would a sack lunch.  Since I am not at home in the morning to see her off, I leave started to leave her a little Daddy's thinking of you reminder.

I started drawing pictures on her lunch bag.  At first it was a ladybug, then a little girl.  Then a random cartoon dog and then a turtle.  I decided I should start taking pictures of them to journal.

Here are the ones from last week.

TUESDAY - Perry the Platypus

WEDNESDAY- Larry and Bob from Veggie Tales

THURSDAY - Oopsy Bear

FRIDAY - Hello Kitty

I like to think she gets excited when she sees them waiting for her in the morning.  Then when she's at school, her friends wait in anticipation to see what cool bag design she has today.

Have a great day my friends.


  1. Those are pretty cool. I do something similar with notes; our school has "litterless lunches" so paper bags are verboten.

  2. For a D-list Dad Blogger you are an A list Artist! Do you do comic book superheros and villains, too?

  3. Aw! I love these! How fun for your young lady.

  4. Bob and Larry!!!

    I LOVE the Veggie Tails!!!


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