Ladybug's Lunch Bags Week Two.

I don't get to see Ladybug off to school in the morning, so I decorate her lunch bags everyday to let her know I'm thinking about her.

Ladybugs's Lunch Bags Week One

Here's last weeks bags and where I start getting critical of myself...

MONDAY - A Hideously Deformed Boots.  I don't know why he is so happy.
TUESDAY - Mario the Pizza Guy.
WEDNESDAY - Barney the Dinosaur with Fluid in his Patella.
THURSDAY - Nemo.  My Favorite of the Week.
FRIDAY - A Stiff Cookie Monster

 And the thing is, I'm the only one that sees the flaws in them.  To Ladybug, they look just like the original ones.  Since I do it all in marker, I can't erase and I feel bad if I keep throwing out bags I messed up on.

My wife made a good point Sunday night.  If I do this EVERY SCHOOL DAY there's going to be over close to 200 of them.  Right now it's part of my evening routine, but I'm going to run out of characters sooner or later.  Any requests from the readers?

Have a great day my friends.


  1. just like the star wars desk calendar on my boss' desk, you'll have to start doing all of the background characters. Turtle #12 from Nemo, Racecar Fan #35 from Cars, but don't try to draw the kids who are on Barney. that would almost certainly turn out scary :) You could alsways just come up with your own cool characters to cheer your daughter on at school?


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